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A little blue bird - Abby-someone. Abby-normal.
This isn't Hans Delbruck's brain, is it?
A little blue bird
Semi-crosspost from budgerigars; it's a slightly edited version of my intro post for the community, back on November 19th. I kept meaning to crosspost it in my journal, but didn't get around to it till now. Anyway, I've mentioned my bird in passing in a number of entries, but if you're not in the budgerigars community or a regular reader of my blog feed, [info]zhaba_zhournal (where she made a cameo appearance on Sept. 29), you probably haven't seen any pictures of the little critter. She's the absolute ruler of the house—J. and I just live there—so at the very least she deserves a formal introduction :-)
The little bird who owns us is Peri, short for Peregrina—"she" might turn out to be a "he," but we've been saying "she" since we got her in March, so we're going to stick with it unless her cere turns turquoise. (And then we'll just change the spelling to Perry, short for Peregrine.) I have a very old, slow digital camera, which isn't up to the challenges of taking good pictures of a young, fast bird; plus, whenever I have the camera out, she wants to know why I'm not looking straight at her. These three pictures demonstrate the problem...

"Hey, what's that?"

"Why are you pointing that at me?"

"Hellooo...is anybody in there?"

She'll sit still for the camera when she's interested in something else, though. She likes shiny things, including jewelry, buttons, and zippers; I call this next picture "Peri trying to get into my pants" ;-)

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