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Okay, this is a mystery to me: The back of the upper right leg of my… - Abby-someone. Abby-normal.
This isn't Hans Delbruck's brain, is it?
Okay, this is a mystery to me:
  1. The back of the upper right leg of my pants is quite damp.
  2. It wasn't damp, that I noticed, before I sat on the bus on my way to work.
  3. My knee-length coat, which would have been between the back of my leg and the seat, is not damp.
  4. Besides, I always check bus seats for liquid, food, gum, mysterious sticky substances, or anything else I don't want to sit on.
  5. No, I do not have what commercials refer to as "the sudden urge to go," and if I did, it wouldn't affect only the back of the upper right leg of my pants.
  6. Whatever the substance is, it doesn't have a particular odor; since my pants are dark brown, I can't determine color, but the paper towel I tried to blot it with in the office bathroom didn't pick up any color.
  7. So what the heck is it, and where did it come from, and how did it happen?
Well, if it doesn't dry, or dries weirdly (like, making the corduroy too flat or too stiff), I'm so going to the Gap on South St. during my lunch break and buying a new pair of pants. (Although this would be the one day I decided to wear high-waist underwear, because it they're the only orange underwear I have, and on cloudy, rain-threatening days I like to wear as much orange as possible. And I'm not sure it's even possible to buy pants that aren't low-waisted anymore; the Gap does sell underwear, but that would really be turning this into an overly-major shopping expedition.)

Sigh. I don't like sitting on damp pants. Especially when I don't know what they're damp with. Somehow I think this is gonna be One Of Those Days. (I'm also PMS-ing hard, so I'm in a bad mood anyway.) Well, at least I didn't get any bird crap on my head. Yet.

Humph. Can I get a redo?

Current Mood: grumpy grumpy

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