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Abby-someone. Abby-normal.

This isn't Hans Delbruck's brain, is it?

6 June
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First name: Abby

Last name: In flux

Location: Unscenic South Philadelphia

Age: 29 (ack!)

Height: Two inches shorter than I look

Weight: Five pounds more than I'd like

Hair: Mostly brown, more than waist-length

Eyes: Greenish-brown or brownish-green

All that sex stuff: Married, monogamous, bisexual (no, they're not mutually exclusive)

Pets: A fluctuating number of mice, a parakeet who rules the entire house

Occupation: Electronic publishing

Avocations: Reading, eclectic TV-watching, parakeet-indulging, mucking about online

Good things: Cashmere, wine, fluffy animals, chocolate

Bad things: Cockroaches, late buses, wet hair, hot weather

Quote: "Pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space, 'cause there's bugger-all down here on earth"—Monty Python